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Oh Night Divine

Hello! My name is Robin..I enjoy being on here and making beautiful pictures! I enjoy everyone elses artwork as well and I try my best to vote, leave comments and ratings! Still new here even tho I registered awhile back.. navigating my way around and learning.. I enjoy all categories, well most of them.. I'm not to much into the flowery vintage gardens... but I certainly enjoy looking at everyone elses... Thank You for visiting, your comments and votes, and most of all your friendship and kindness! >:D< ;;) :)

I do not care for picture thieves [-X .please be creative of your own accord with more than just a couple changes..I understand the sharing of same stamps, but please be your own creator with shared stamps.. have fun!

I am also not to happy with the how the voting works in contest.. seems very few are actually looking at the true beauty and the art of many pics.. seems as though voting comes by how many friends you have.. I hope you vote and comment on my pics because you actually like them and not because you are on my friends list..that means the most to me! Thank You all, Have a Super Day! hugs to you all... >:D<

What a shame people give you votes, then take them back because some of their Friends decide to enter the same contest.. :-? >:/ :-w [-X

When you got all these votes but yet your picmix is not all that and 3 bags of chips :-? #-o :^o .. hmmmm

08/11/2022 03:09

PicMix (299)

Favorite Football Team-RM
Winter Wonderland
Virgin Mary
Christmas Cottage-RM
Winter has Arrived
The Magic of Christmas
Good Afternoon
Train Holidays
Angel at Night
Christmas Angel
Christmas Vintage Postcard
Christmas Reindeer
Portrait, Gray/White
Christmas Lights
Virgin Mary and Jesus
Advent Calendar
Book of Christmas
Wolves and Moon-RM
Girl with Flower
Hello Winter
Gingerbread Men-RM
Yellow Fall
Oh Night Divine
Christmas Angel
Cute Baby
Roses of Memories
Christmas Peace

Stickers (411)

Carriage-RMBlack Cat-RMRed Bulb-RMCinderella-RMMouse-RMRose-RMRose-RMRose-RMHill-RMChain-RMChain-RMChain-RMBird-RMMice-RMMice-RMFairy Godmother-RM

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Grazie del commento e del voto. Buon proseguimento. >:D<
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